General Conditions

Arrival Time

It is very important to send us your arrival and departure information as soon as possible. About one week before your arrival, we will send you an email with the complete contact details of the representative responsible for your check-in.  Upon arrival in your destination, either at the airport, railway station or 50km from the city (if travelling by car), it is highly recommended that you contact the person in charge of your check-in to reconfirm or re-adjust your arrival time. This will avoid unnecessary wait at the apartment.

Check-in time is at 2 p.m. (14h00).  If no other guest is checking out on the same day as your arrival, the check-in can be earlier.  An additional 75 euro will be charged for checks-ins before 08:00 a.m. (08h00) and after 8:00 p.m. (20h00).

The additional fee must be given in cash directly to the representative in charge of your check-in. Upon arrival at the apartment:

  • you will be given the keys and access code to the apartment building;
  • you will be explained how to use the different amenities in the apartment such as television, Internet, stove, etc.;
  • you must sign the contract and the credit card authorization for the security deposit *applies only to apartments in which the contract was not signed in advance and the security deposit was not settled via paypal in advance. Kindly refer to the section on “security deposit” for further information

Departure Time

The departure time is at 10:00 a.m. However, if no other guest is arriving on the same day, the departure time from the apartment can be later. This information is not always known when you book your apartment.  If you want to be sure to spend the afternoon in the apartment, you are strongly advised to book an additional night.

Rent and Charges "no hidden fees"

The apartment is supplied with one set of bedsheets and bath towels during you stay.

The rent includes utility fees such as water, gas, and electricity (*). Heating during winter months, normally turned on in November and turned off at the end of March.

Internet (wifi), if the apartment has a connection;

If the apartment has a telephone, local calls are included. To call internationally, you must buy a prepaid card. For some apartments, international calls are included on landline numbers only (not on cell phone numbers) within Western Europe, Canada and the United States;

(*) Water consumption, gas and electricity is included in the rent as long as your consumption corresponds to a normal use of energy. For example, do not to leave the heating turned on in winter with the windows open.

Cleaning at the end of the rental period is included. However, the apartment must be left in order (dishes cleaned and put away, refrigerator emptied and cleaned, garbage taken out, and furniture put back in its original place).

 Payment & Cancelation Policy:

  • 30% of the rent is required to confirm the apartment (booking deposit)
  • rent balance is required 1 month prior to the arrival date
  • If the cancellation occurs more than two months before the arrival date, the booking deposit (less 100 EUR for administration fees) will be refunded
  • If the cancellation occurs between one and two months before your arrival date, the booking deposit will not be refunded
  • If the cancellation occurs less than one month before your arrival date, the rent balance will not be refunded

In case of any last minute major issue with the reserved apartment, such as flood, electrical fault, or any other major issue which, according to MPA ravel Inc., makes renting the reserved apartment impossible, MPA Travel Inc., reserves the right to either offer an alternative accommodation, suitable for the same number of people, in replacement of the apartment agreed upon or to reimburse the rent. No extra compensation will be due for such cases.

Method of Payment:

  • By bank transfer in a Canadian Bank with a Euro Account.
  • By credit card via “Paypal".

Security Deposit:

A reimbursable security deposit of 200€ is required before the arrival date by credit card via paypal. The deposit will be refunded through PayPal (to the same credit card that was used to settle the security deposit) about 3 days after your departure. The deposit will be returned to you provided that no damages are made in the apartment, nothing is missing and that the apartment is left in good order (dishes cleaned and put away, refrigerator emptied and cleaned, garbage taken out, and furniture placed in original place).

If the security deposit is insufficient to cover the amount due by the tenant, he/she commits to pay any eventual excess costs.

For certain apartments, property owners do not require the security deposit settled by credit card  via paypal. In this case, upon arrival, our representative will request that you sign a "credit card authorization”.  Your credit card will not be charged.  Should there be damages in the apartment during your stay, you authorize the owner to collect the amount neded to cover

MPA Travel Inc., will not be responsible for:

  • Missing or malfunctioning appliances
  • Temporary interruption of power, water or heating in the apartment
  • Temporary interruption of Internet, telephone or cable TV service
  • Interruption of the elevator
  • MPA Travel Inc., will do it’s best to remedy the situation promptly. Nuisance caused by the above will not be sufficient cause for compensation, cancelation or termination of the contract.

Tenant obligations:

  • use the apartment as would a responsible adult & head of family;
  • use the premises for residential purposes only. It is prohibited to use the apartment for professional purposes (company offices, events, spectacles, photo shoots, etc.);
  • respect the maximum number of people permitted in the apartment;
  • not making noise between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.;
  • free the premises on the last day and leave the apartment in the original condition;
  • not smoke in the apartment, on the terrace or anywhere inside the building;
  • not bring any animal in the apartment or inside the building;
  • not subscribe to additional TV Channels;
  • authorise the MPA Travel Inc., or our representative to intervene and enter the premises in case any urgent or necessary repairs need to be done during their stay;
  • not degrade the apartment and contents in any way. The tenant is responsible for any missing content and for any damage, whether this results of voluntary or involuntary events. As, such the tenant’s responsibility ought to be covered by proper civil responsibility insurance;
  • ensure the tenant (s) have adequate insurance coverage for personal belongings, since the MPA Travel Inc., or our representative  will not be held responsible for any damage or compensation in case of loss or theft of the tenant or occupant’s personal belongings;
  • give back the keys at the end of the stay (100€ will be charged for a lost key).

If the tenant or occupants fail to comply with the above conditions or demonstrate what is considered as inappropriate behaviour, MPA Travel Inc. or our representative reserve the right to ask the tenant and occupants to leave the premises immediately with no refund.